Thursday, March 15, 2012

Minty, Hamazon, Texas Forever

Hey Friends,

Look! Minty Lewis drew a Freddy strip!  Minty is the author of the HILARIOUS book P.S. Comics, and the awesome comic Salad Days.  She and her husband Damien Jay (also an amazing cartoonist) and their baby Sally are one of my favorite families ever.


She has inspired me also to start these up again.  At the moment I'm working on Lou #2.

In other news, you can now buy Freddy Stories on Amazon!

And I've decided to do a new fun project, something totally and completely for fun.  Chuck and I have been watching Friday Night Lights, and I know it's kind of old now but, it's absolutely one of my favorite shows ever in the world.  Actually, it might be my #1 favorite.  I have grown so attached to the characters, and the family dynamics in it are so complicated and well developed, and there is this overarching sense of fairness, justice and hope that I love.  Plus, Taylor Kitsch is a babe.

We aren't done watching the show yet, we're on season 4 still, so don't give me any spoilers.  BUT I've decided that I want to print a Friday Night Lights fanzine! I think I'll probably call it "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose", but not sure yet...

The page size will be 8.5" x 11" folded in half (so 4.25 x 5.5).  I'm looking for anything that has to do with FNL; comics, art, writing, girly collages with hearts, whatever!

it will be all black and white.  Please send bitmaps or 600 grayscale tiff files to

I haven't decided on a deadline yet.

I'll keep you posted, it's possible I'll be starting a tumblr for this!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


New things!

It's been a long time.  Hello from the woods of Hancock.

Things:  Charles Forsman is starting to print some more one-dollar black and white comics under the imprint "Oily Comics".   This includes his series TEOTFW (of which he just finished the lastest issue!), Max de Radigu├ęs's Moose (so good), and my new series that I've just started, called "Lou".

Lou is a 9 year old tomboy (surprise surprise) who lives in a rural area with her slightly dysfunctional but loving family, including an older brother named Eddie Jr, and her little brother John.  I'm drawing a lot on my own childhood for this one, even more than for Freddy Stories.  It's going to include a lot of 90's nostalgia, if you're into that sort of thing.

Here's the cover:
Lou #1

And a sample page:
lou sneak peek page

And the back cover:
hey arnold

You can buy this comic here from my store, or at the Oily Boutique!


I made this print about some things I remember from being a kid.  We are living in the house I grew up in right now, and I'm pretty much surrounded by nostalgia all day every day.  As you can probably see from this, I was a weird kid and so was my sister.  I loved that Beetlejuice figurine so much that I slept with it under my pillow.



You can buy this print here!

And last but not least, Foreword Reviews reviewed Freddy Stories!!! So exciting.  All of the books they review are independently published, and they print an actual real life magazine with all of the reviews in it.  You can read my review here.