Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thanks Rob!

A review of Freddy and the mini I did for SPX called Birthday!

Rob Clough has been doing lots of great reviews of CCS alumni and current students for th
e Comics Journal. Here he reviews me along with two of my talented classmates, Jose-Luis Olivares and Garry-Paul Bonesteel. I've been reading Rob's reviews since before he was doing them for TCJ, and I've always appreciated how closely he reads everything he writes about, and how attentive he is to things that work and don't work. So thanks

Monday, December 21, 2009


Freddy and Warmth are now available to order wholesale through Tony Shenton! If you have a store and would like to sell my comics, please contact Tony at

If you live in Baltimore, check out Atomic Books. They have some of my books for sale already, and they also sell them online. They are also one of the greatest comic stores ever.

Freddy and Warmth will soon also be available at Jim Hanley's Universe in NYC, Cosmic Monkey in Portland, OR, and at my old friend Ada Books in Providence, RI.

And here's something weird! As Freddy first appeared in my thesis project at Hampshire College in 2005. So much has changed.

old freddy

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Art Auction for my Buddy

My friend John Ward had a terrible fall a few months ago on Halloween, and some amazing people have set up an art auction online to help out with funding his recovery and ability to live independently in the future. There's some really great stuff up there, great for Christmas presents, and for a good cause. (I didn't get my act together to donate anything yet, but might be able to still...). The auction is up online here, and there's a fundraiser and live auction on Dec. 20th.

Like check out this sweet rollerskate by Mollie Lief!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Chuck is starting to put more comics and things in his online store, The Oily Boutique, and my comics are for sale there! So now you can buy Freddy and Warmth and Snake Oil and Sundays ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Click on the images on the right to go to the store.

New Old Stuff


I've been working on putting up more comics on my Flickr, so here is a story I did last year for anthology of silent comics called "Quiet, Please" with Jose-Luis Olivares, Mo Oh, and Mark Bilokur. We have no copies of it left, but hopefully someday we'll have more!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Times


Uhhhh huuuuuh. I really love Brooklyn. Mostly because my best friends live there. We'd probably move there if we had a million dollars.

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival was aaawweeesooommeee. Reasons why:

It was in a little basement of a Polish Church with sparkly party decorations, there was a fake fireplace on the stage, I got to hang out with Jessica Campbell from D&Q, my Sundays buddies, and Barry and Leon from Secret Acres, I got to sing along to Michael Jackson in a little car with Joe and Sam and Chuck, Gary Panter was just walking around the show like any other dude, I got some Ryan Cecil Smith minis (seriously, he's amazing), I finally went to Desert Island (which I loved, go there now), and I met Carrie who is awesome and writes the Try Harder blog.

On a side note, we ate at an incredible place in Williamsburg on Sunday morning called Diner. I am not kidding, it was delicious. Pumpkin butter. That's all I'm saying.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brooklyn and Belgians


Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest. I have a really good feeling already about this.

At a table with the Sundays crew as usual, Chuck, Alex, Joe, and Sean, and we're driving down with Sam Gascan, who I thiiink has a new comic, and Chuck has SNAKE OIL FIIIIVVVVEEEEE

plus he and I made a tiny little comic
here's a preview:

Also I got to meet David Libens, another artist at L'Employe du Moi, and he gave me a comic, called Badaboom Twist, and it is awesome. Really honest and heartfelt, and scribbly, and I loved it. His comics are all on his blog:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monsters and Changes

Lately I can't stop drawing these monsters that have no bodies.

monster sketch

Those are words of wisdom from James Sturm, who came into our Professional Practices class today and spouted some gems about business and art and life.

Also, the way my blog looks changed again, obviously. I'm working on making it look more professional for professional practices (which is taught by my friend and personal hero, Alec Longstreth.) So the way this looks might keep changing. Let me know if it looks like crap!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009