Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Times


Uhhhh huuuuuh. I really love Brooklyn. Mostly because my best friends live there. We'd probably move there if we had a million dollars.

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival was aaawweeesooommeee. Reasons why:

It was in a little basement of a Polish Church with sparkly party decorations, there was a fake fireplace on the stage, I got to hang out with Jessica Campbell from D&Q, my Sundays buddies, and Barry and Leon from Secret Acres, I got to sing along to Michael Jackson in a little car with Joe and Sam and Chuck, Gary Panter was just walking around the show like any other dude, I got some Ryan Cecil Smith minis (seriously, he's amazing), I finally went to Desert Island (which I loved, go there now), and I met Carrie who is awesome and writes the Try Harder blog.

On a side note, we ate at an incredible place in Williamsburg on Sunday morning called Diner. I am not kidding, it was delicious. Pumpkin butter. That's all I'm saying.


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