Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Popeye + Indiana Jones = Love

Hello Friends,

As you probably know, my wonderful boyfriend, Chuck Forsman, and I, just moved to Providence, RI. We have a beautiful apartment, and so many awesome friends! And, like a million other people our age, we moved here with not very much, and are trying to hack it as artists and live off of a part-time job. And Chuck just got a job! I work at the wonderful New Harvest Coffee Roasters in Pawtucket, where I worked when I lived here before.

But money is still tight, and Chuck made a beautiful beautiful page of comics, which he is selling as a full-color print for only 20 dollars, to try and make rent this month.

Here's a lil' of what he says:

I drew six scenes from Raiders as daily Popeye strips and tried to color them to look like they appeared in a newspaper from the 30’s. I put them all together as an 11”x17” poster that you can frame, put in your bathroom or place it behind that San Diego magnet on your fridge. I am only printing 100 of these these so they are a limited thing. If it proves that people like it then maybe I’ll do Temple of Doom or another movie. Maybe I should do Jaws. That would be kind of perfect.

Some pictures:

Monday, October 18, 2010


Home and family are something I value a lot. A lot lot. I hope that this comes through in my comics, too.

Moving to a new place is hard. Moving to a new/old place is almost harder. I love Providence and I'm so glad to be here and so lucky. And I am homesick for my Mom's house. We lived there for about a month and everything felt so relaxed and comfortable, and I forgot what's it's like to be a grown up and to have to work and make a life of my own. But I'm not on my own...I have wonderful people around.

How do you get rid of homesickness?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I know I know...I keep changing the way this blog looks. Like, every day. But I think I like it the best now.

Check out the comics link, there's things to read!
And in illustration, things to look at!

And I'm still working on the links part, friends!

Also here's something that I love


Check her other stuff out...it's gorgeous! Ginette Lapalme