Thursday, July 12, 2012

Noo Loo

Lou Number 5 is hot off the presses!

Off the presses of our new, amazing and beautiful Risograph machine that is.  Her name is Glory, and she rules so hard.

In this issue, summertime begins, some pizza is eaten, and some intrigue is introduced.  Also, T.J. inexplicably has a creepy new mustache.  I've abandoned the inkwash for now in favor of using a nib, which I haven't done in a long time, and with which I'm starting to feel comfortable again.  Also, sometimes I think that this comic is all of the 80's and 90's movies about kids that I've seen, all rolled into one.  There's just something about those movies made about kids in that era, where the kids are messy and bad and weird and hilarious, that I absolutely love.   Like the kid who swears all the time in Bad News Bears.

Also, Oily Comics, which is becoming a big and beautiful thing, now has a subscription that you can purchase!  It means you get all the comics that Chuck puts out in the span of three or six months, plus some swag, like a hand-drawn membership card, and an embroidered patch that I am making out of my Uncle Jimmy's old tie-dyed Allman Brothers t-shirt.  Go here to get the subscription!  There are some amazing artists in store for you if you do....and it's only gonna be available until July 31.

Click here to buy!