Thursday, May 14, 2009


I mean, TCAF. Toronto Comics and Arts Festival. I rode up this past weekend with Chuck, Joe, and Alec, (and Namor) and we met up with Dustin and Alexis and his wife Kristen there, and Scott Campbell too. So much fun times! So many people! Thanks especially to Brett Warnock at Top Shelf, for giving Penina, Nick, Josh and I space at his table! Whatta guy.
It was at the Toronto Reference Library, which was beautiful, and Toronto is beautiful... I gave lots of copies of Freddy away, and got lots of sweet comics back, which I am still reading...and....we saw Michael Cera too! What a dream boat. He was filming Scott Pilgrim.
Next it's off to MECAF
and then MoCCA!

More pictures on my flickr

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  1. MELISSAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Life sounds awesome for you. So happy to here you're happy and having fun there. Congrats on Freddy. Hope i get to see it (and you) one day (soon!). Miss you SO much. Jason Y. told me about your blog site a couple of months ago and i've been checkin' it out ever since. Hope to hear from you again soon ^-^