Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Urban Arts, Zines on a Bus, a Love Letter

In The Studio: Summer 2009

When I lived in Providence year before last, a place called New Urban Arts was a huge part of my life. It still is! Even though I am further away and holed up in a little town drawing little comics.

New Urban Arts is a lot of (amazing) things, and it is mostly a space for high school age people and older artist people to be together and be creative. It changes lives. But anyway, the main reason I am writing this post is to call attention to:

a) my friend Andrew Oesch who is about to embark on a trip on a bus powered by grease, which also happens to have a photocopier in it, and

b) a group at New Urban Arts who is very near to my heart called the Zine Team, who used said bus-copier to make multiple copies of a collaborative zine in 4.5 hours, for which they got 64 submissions that same day. If that doesn't make any sense, read this blog post, and here you can also read about Andrew's Imminent Amazing Adventure.

I am continually inspired by all these amazing people around me. I am so lucky to know them. Lately I've been feeling like I've only been thinking about dollars and how to make them, and I want that to change. Soon get ready for a long winded post about John Porcellino, who visited CCS this week and blew my mind to pieces.

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