Sunday, November 1, 2009

Warmth and Glowing Dinosaur Head Music


From a 4 page comic I just did based on a dream I had, with bleeding baby animals and dark forests and monsters. I think I will prooooobably have copies at Expozine...and hopefully for sale soon!

For Alec's Professional Practices Class, which kicks my lazy brain in the ass once a week (in the best way!) we have to do a final project, and mine will focus on getting my comics out there and also making my blog not look so lame. I don't know what's wrong with this template, but it freaking sucks to use.

P.S. My friend Devlin is in a frikin AWESOME band called Nuclear Power Pants, and they're on tour right now with Dan Deacon! So go!!! They are about to start the Canadian/New England leg of the tour. We still haven't decided which one to go to yet...


  1. PROVIDENCE!!!!!

    monday night, tomorrow! (actually pawtucket, it's at machines with magnets.)

    jacob & the terribles are also playing. not sure if I will be there -- I might be festivitied out for the week/weekend -- but if you come into town let me know!

  2. Dear Melissa,

    Your WARMTH comic was really fantastic. It had a great feeling to it, scary and sad a bit, but it all totally worked. I wouldn't even change a thing about it, it works great as a four page piece. The cover looks wonderful.

    PS I am jealous of your uninhibited brush work.