Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gettin' Personal

gettin'  personal

Something I needed to get out of me and onto paper.

I've been really inspired by Gabrielle Bell's comics lately...I bought her new mini at BCGF and it's amazing. I'm not always drawn to making diary comics, but hers always reach way beyond just being personal, and they make me want to do more comics like that.

Speaking of Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, it totally ruled! Each time
it happens I leave there thinking that I'd be happy is that were the only show I went to all year. Sad but true. I want to go to Mocca and SPX less and less...I'm still thinking about why this is.

But mostly it ruled because I MET LYNDA BARRY. I was in line to have her sign a book and I almost started crying. I managed to hold the tears until afterwards though. In like 2 minutes we had one of the most amazing conversations ever, and I left it ready to draw draw and draw more Freddy stories.

She talked about how when she draws Marlys, it's like Marlys only exists when Lynda draws Lynda is giving her life, giving her part of herself, but Marlys doesn't keep existing and doing things inside of Lynda's head. She compared it to giving life to stuffed animals or a blankie when you're little. This is how I feel about Freddy too. And it's why drawing these Freddy stories is so important...I get to step outside of myself and talk about the stuff that's sometimes hard to talk about through her.

Peggy at D&Q sent me this photo. I have no idea who took it! Man, look at that awesome posture.

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  1. Melissa, this is all great to read. Making art certainly for many people is about getting through that gunk and little else. And Lynda is a special, spiritual person. You rarely hear such shamanistic language from people. Lynda speaks about following your story, being led by creatures in your imagination, about preparing yourself to come in contact with images, memories, about animating the inanimate with your attention. She's so WONDERFUL!

    So glad I got the new book at BCGF. Good luck in Rhode Island- tell us when you're back in NYC!