Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coffee...poop...and thankyous

My ol' employers, New Harvest Coffee, and Cosmic Cup Coffee in Easton, PA, are hosting a coffee conference (also known as a barista jam) in Providence, RI in October. I'm designing/drawing ads for them for Barista Magazine (click to read the whole magazine online...our ad's on p.40) , and a t-shirt too.

Ad for the next issue of Barista Magazine

The illustrious Robyn Chapman, cartoonist and editor, and also the glue that has been holding CCS together the past couple years, is putting together an anthology, which I am in along with a bunch of super talented people. It's called "Make", and it's about poop.

And here is a thank you card I made.

thanks cards

thank you, everyone. You are all awesome.

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