Monday, August 23, 2010

The End and the Beginning


I've decided to stop printing the first Freddy mini-comic. For a good reason! I just finished redrawing it for my Xeric application. The book that I'll print next will have all the stories I've done so far, plus some new ones. If I get the Xeric it'll be all fancy, and if I don't it won't be as fancy, but it'll still be there.

And I'll be at SPX! September 11th and 12th! With my buddies! It's my first convention with the new Freddy comic! I love SPX. I'm so excited to party in the hotel all weekend longggg....


Also here's a sample from my story for Robyn Chapman's new Anthology "Make".



  1. Good luck on the Xeric! I'm sure you'll get it. And have fun at SPX. I wish I could go.

  2. Thanks Malachi! Are you going to any other conventions? I'm also going to MICE in Boston and the one in Brooklyn in Dec.