Friday, September 3, 2010

Monster at SPX!

Here's a sample for a REALLY EXCITING upcoming anthology (it'll be at SPX!) that I'm in (so are Chuck and other awesome people). It's a new issue of Monster, the comics anthology put together by the dudes of Fort Thunder (the last issue came out 9 years ago).

monster sample

Chuck and I are moving to Providence in a month, which we're very excited about, so it's extra awesome and special to be included in this comic. Right now we're living at my mom's house in MA surrounded by animals and crafts and a giant inflatable dinosaur. It rules.

hope to see you next weekend!

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  1. I saw this getting printed the other day! not your drawing, but another page from the anthology... SO AWESOME!!! (and, I am SO psyched that you guys are moving here.....)