Monday, November 1, 2010


So, after a super inspiring talk with my friend Emely on Saturday, and after a couple weeks of adapting to living in a new place and feeling a little weird, I have made a promise to myself to DRAW MORE AND ALL THE TIME. I think sometimes I wait until I feel totally comfortable and happy to draw, but also sometimes drawing makes me feel comfortable and happy, so when I'm not drawing at all, I become static and I think too much. So Emely and I made a pact to make more work. I gotta draw more Freddy stories! And I gotta make something new for BCGF!!

In other news, Halloween was awesome. We danced like crazy with awesome friends, and we dressed as Hall and Oates, which was extremely satisfying for some reason.


Here's a drawing of Freddy on Halloween. Her costume is inspired by my friend Jori's.


Also yesterday I stabbed myself pretty bad with a knife while I was trying to carve a pumpkin, and I put a band-aid on it, and then we went to see The Social Network and I looked down at my hand and blood was dripping all over the place. Like a horror movie! So Halloween-y! A really nice security guard who reminded me of a milkman from the 1930s patched me up. It was great. Thank you, mister.

And in conclusion, here are some screenprints I made in a rubylith workshop with the incredible Jean Cozzens. It's from a photo in an old National Geographic of workers at Pringle's Mill in Iverness, Scotland. They are mixing dyed wool together.


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  1. (You and chuck had the best costume ever. I couldn't/still can't stop smiling at them.(And freedy's costume is so great too!))

    Our talk was so so sooo great...You're great! AND WE'RE TOTALLY GONNA DO THIS AND IT'LL BE AWESOME!!!

    And I hope you're hand feels better soon!