Wednesday, January 12, 2011




The past couple days have felt so much better. I feel like I'm on the ground again, like I'm actually really here. Things are still happening but I'm getting out of the woods now.

To everyone who has been following me these past couple of months as I went through a lot of terrible crap...thanks. It helped so much to have your support. Seriously. Also, I am seriously so tired of talking about myself. I'm bored with myself. It's like I forgot how to be funny. LAME.

So yeah. I love you. Everybody. This year is going to be really exciting......
if you were at all curious, the plan is to have the book out for SPX 2011!!!
I am working on a lot (a LOT) of new stories.

plus some other things...anthologies and things.

Here is my memory post for this week:


you know what would be awesome? If you guys told me your memories and stories from your childhood...if you feel like it. Just anything you remember from being a kid. Did you play in the woods a lot too? email me ( or comment on this post.

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  1. Not the woods until 6th grade when we moved to Williamstown and then all I'd do was cross the river by the fallen log and play in the woods beyond the river beyond my house.
    But before that we lived in Petersburgh NY and I had a giant field of a backyard to play in. I used to go through the field and pluck off all the dried up flower tufts on all the closed up dandelion heads before they went to seed. And then I'd fling them back through the field, to feed the grass fish that lived there, that no one knew about, that I was responsible for.

    Miss you.