Sunday, February 20, 2011

Melvin and Things

So, things are getting better...? I think. I mean, I know it. There are still a million anxieties. Anxiety is crazy. Sometimes it feels like a separate monster from me, a monster that just lives in my brain and sometimes gets huge and out of control, like the Hulk. It sucks. And then I feel like myself again and try to cling onto that feeling, and then it goes away, of course. But it's sunny and warm in our kitchen. And we have a cat named Bruce Novax who sometimes sleeps in the sun. Sometimes he's an asshole too, but who isn't?

I'm working on a lot of things! My Freddy book which I will be promoting at Mocca and will be out for SPX (congratulations to the other Xeric winners too!), an anthology that I am putting together with my buddy Jose-Luis Olivares, which will be out for MoCCA, some stories for other anthologies, a tattoo for a friend, a wedding invitation...whoa. I'm getting overwhelmed.

Our good friends came to visit this weekend, it was so awesome. I love friends. And we went to the Time Capsule and I got Melvin Monster #8 by John Stanley for one dollar!!! And an Archie comic, some Nancy and Sluggo, and more....
Here's samples from Melvin Monster (I think this one will be in the next D&Q collection. Thanks to them for introducing me to Melvin...)

Melvin Monster 8!

melvin monster

I love how he does the one big panel to introduce each story. It's so beautiful.

And here's something I did this morning:


I've been reading some Pema Chodron. She's amazing. I want to try to start meditating regularly. She talks a lot about sitting with your fears and anxieties and accepting them, rather than running away from them.

Now I'm going to listen to some Stevie Wonder and get some freaking work done.



  1. GO, GO, GO!
    (Glad to hear so many good things are going on. Lots of luck and can't wait to see how things go.)
    You can rock this, man.

  2. Hey Melissa! Congratulations on the Xeric!