Friday, June 3, 2011



This image just came to me suddenly while I was sitting at my a kid I collected images from magazines and stuff that I liked in a journal, and there was this one from Smithsonian Magazine, a portrait of the Wyeth family, that I absolutely loved. It's one of those images that stays with you forever and pops up occasionally. I was able to find it on the internet. Hopefully someday I can find that journal again...

How awesome is Andy's face? Don't they all look so wild and wonderful? It's the family of my dreams.

In other news, Charles Forsman is working next to me on some new Wolf pages that are unbelievable. Look at this.

That has been inspiring me, and also a recent visit from Max de Radigues and his girlfriend Thalie, and Joseph Lambert and his wife Becca, really inspired me to try working on something new and longer. So that's happening. I bought a new sketchbook and everything!

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