Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things and Things


Hi, I skipped yesterday. Oops.

BUT yesterday this comic I did went up on At Length Magazine, a really great online literary/art magazine, edited by Dan Kois, who is a really great writer. I had a lot of fun doing it...sometimes it's really fun to think about comics. The other ones are awesome...I really love Noah van Sciver's, it's a hilarious answer to the question we were asked (which was: If you were hired by Classics Illustrated and told to choose a book -- any book! -- to adapt into a comic, what would it be? Why that book? What would it look like?) .

Here's the first panel of mine:


Also, my best friend Zoe who lives in Tel Aviv (which is way too far away) is a really great writer and a genius about food and she started blogging! I totally want to make her cauliflower soup recipe. She's amazing.

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