Tuesday, December 6, 2011



I know I know...these are supposed to be DAILIES. BUT the time off was well worth it, because I was in Brooklyn at BCGF, spending money on some choice comics, choice food, and hanging out with some choice friends. Seriously, I love my cartoonist friends so much sometimes I think I will explode. There is just something about these people that brings me close to tears just thinking about how awesome they are and how much I admire them for the hard work they do. There is just some common weird trait in cartoonists that makes them the greatest people.

Anyway. I got some comics that I am really excited about.

Hildafolk by Luke Pearson, published by Nobrow. I wish I had spent more time at their table, but I'm so excited I bought this beauty of a comic. There's a hardcover book as well, which is the sequel, but I could only bring myself to spend the 10 bucks. It is SO BEAUTIFUL. The language is a little weird, but the story is really cute, and by the end I accepted that Hilda would talk the way she does. Lately I've been attracted to comics that are a little more animation-y, have good stories, and have strong female leads...

Like Eye of the Majestic Creature by Leslie Ann Mackenzie Stein. I only bought the third one of her minicomics, but now I really want to buy the book...there's something I really love about her stuff. There's something really odd about it that I can't pinpoint, but it's readable and hilarious and straightforward, and I love reading comics by ladies that aren't just about being a lady.

Open Country 1 and 2 by Michael DeForge. (Chuck actually got these. But I read them). I've always loved his stuff, but there's a different kind of creepiness and heartfelt-ness in these.

KING CAT #72 BY JOHN PORCELLINO. John P. is what I mean when I say how much I love cartoonists. There is something magical and heartbreaking about his work. And about him in general.

These are actually just the ones I've read so far. There are a million more that I still have to read. And I didn't even get to see everything that I wanted to see.


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