Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've been taking a break from doing the daily strips, in case you haven't noticed.  For right now.  But I started to put them all on a Tumblr, where they go up twice a day, if you feel like reading them again!  I'm in that weird place with my next project where it's all in my head, and I've written about it, but it's just sort of cooking in there.  So while it's in there I've been trying to do some other projects to occupy myself.

Like, redrawing more comic pages!  I think this is a really awesome thing to do while I'm thinking about how I want to draw my next project.  I want to be a better cartoonist, and I want to work hard and spend time on each panel.  So I decided to copy Pascal Girard, whose work is deceptively simple.  It was HARD.  But fun.  It's copied from page 21 of his book Bigfoot.  I decided to do inkwash, because I wanted to practice that (the original is digitally colored...)

bigfoot redraw

Here are a couple other things...

A few months ago I submitted this as a rough draft to the New Yorker.  Maybe I'll try coloring it...


And I made this painting for my friend Ramona.   She's almost 3.  She wanted a painting of a Green Kitty with Clovers.  I love this kid!


It was a trade for this awesome portrait that her dad, Ryan Spahr, who is an amazing tattoo artist in Mechanicsburg, PA, did for us.

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