Friday, October 7, 2011

New Store, and a Print for Sale!

Dear Readers,

I have my very own store now! Chuck is still selling some of my stuff. But in my store, you will see a couple new things.

One, some original art, of the daily strips that I have been posting,

and Two, this print (shown below) ! It's 8.5 x 11, full color (watercolor original). 12 bucks. If you order this now, it will be a little while before it comes, as I get it printed. But don't worry! It'll come!


I know this is the same time last year that Chuck posted his first amazing print, the Indiana Jones one. Basically, it's been a year, we've been to Providence and back (it didn't work out so well), and we are here in Hancock because we want to be cartoonists. Because that's what we love, it's who we are, all of that. We have a whole studio here, we're renting my mom's house, and there's lots of nature around which ruuuules. Chuck is working on his book, and I've been trying to be my own personal saleslady and the beginnings of a second Freddy book are in my brain.

So, to try and make our dreams come true, we are being our own bosses out here. But there's still rent and all of that, and I'm mostly selling this print to pay off some bills for a recent hospital stay.

So yeah! Also, if you buy a Freddy Stories in the next 2 weeks (by October 21), I will throw in a free little original watercolor drawing!

lots of love

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