Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Touch the Floor

freddystrip_67I used to play this a lot. I know someone who made it from the living room sofa to the toilet without touching the floor. Then he peed into it while standing on it. This was in college. Classic.

Also, I just got a second book of Andre Francois's work, The Half-Naked Knight. I already had The Tattooed Sailor. They are both amazing. His jokes are funny, but in this really weird, sobering way. He reminds me a lot of Saul Steinberg too. The Half Naked Knight has some drawings about artists, which are beautiful and spot on, man.

Here are some of my favorites...they pretty much sum up how I feel every day. Well, flowers coming out of my head is how I hope to feel.


  1. André François was a favorite artist of one of my favorite teachers at Pratt, Donn Albright. He loaned me The Tattooed Sailor book, which is great. I had forgotten all about his work until I saw this post, thanks Melissa!

  2. Andre Francois is the best! He seems completely invisible, no one knows who he is. Darnnit, Time!