Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jim Lawson draws a Freddy Strip!

So, after I graduated from Hampshire College in 2006, I got to be an intern at Mirage Studios in Northampton, MA. I didn't know that much about comics but I knew I wanted to do them and know more about them. I got to work with Jim Lawson, Michael Dooney, Eric Talbot, and Steve Murphy (I didn't see Peter Laird much...). I mostly scanned all the back issues for the archives. (Also I got to see the basement, which is full of every TMNT object ever created!)

They were all so awesome to me, and lent me comics, and took me to the comic shop that they went to every week. It was an incredible experience, and propelled me towards the cartooning life that I have now...

AND guess what...Jim Lawson drew a Freddy strip!!! Do you know Jim's work? He is amazing. You can read his whole book Paleo:Loner on this blog. I always loved his work a lot, and he is just an all around really great person. I'm so glad to have this beautiful version of Freddy drawn by him!!!


Thanks Jim!!!

You can read the other strips here: http://www.mmmendes.com/freddy/dailies/

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