Thursday, January 19, 2012



It's cold and gray here. Again. Part of me still loves that and then another part of me is thinking about summer evenings when it's a little cool and you wear a hoodie over your bathing suit and the sun's setting and you look out on the lake and it's all quiet, and the fish try to eat your toes. (It's weird to draw Freddy without pants).
I'm working on redrawing a page from a comic by Amanda Vahamaki, which has images of the woods and a lake (or an ocean?), and that got me thinking about this too. I'll post that page tomorrow probably. I was inspired by the C-man, who redrew a page of James Sturm's comic "The Revival". James is one of our favorite guys of all time. Lookee here.


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  1. Hey Melissa and Chuck- did you guys see that I did this too (the copying) and have been encouraging others to do it? Mine are here: at the bottom, I did a Segar and a Julie Doucet, and Josh Bayer was so inspired he redid a whole book, ROM.

    Nice to see you guys always pushing yourselves...