Monday, January 9, 2012


Chuck and I went to Beirut Restaurant in Troy, NY today after buying some comic books. It was awesome. We were the only ones there and their son was doing his homework at one of the tables and it was like we were in this couples' home. The food was awesome too. He handed us the paper plates of Baba Ghannouj like they were on the finest china. Highly recommended!


This really happened to me. I think it's the first embarrassing moment I had in my life, that I can remember. I was the kind of kid who wouldn't be in photos. I yelled at people to stop when they tried to sing Happy Birthday to me. Any kind of attention was bad.

Then once I was at an Italian restaurant with a whole ton of my family, aunts and uncles and stuff, and I ordered a club soda, and everybody laughed at me. I slid off the booth and under the table with humiliation.

Trauma! To this day I can't drink club soda. That's a lie. I can. But I don't want to much.

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