Tuesday, November 15, 2011


There's no way Freddy would ever do Ballet unless she got to wear her hoodie while she did it.


Also, I've always been obsessed with old National Geographics, and I've been finding some real gems of photos in some that I got recently at the ol' Salvation Army for 35 cents each. I've been putting them on my Tumblr.

In friend news, My buddy Alec is getting SO CLOSE to finishing his epic comic, Basewood. He has been growing his hair since he started. He looks like this now, and only has ten pages left!!! Go Alec! You can do it!!!

And in boyfriend news, my amazing Charles Forsman just finished part 2 of his minicomic The End of the Fucking World. It's so good, he's amazing, just read it. It's only a dollar! He's been doing this while he's working on a book for Fantagraphics, which I've been seeing the pages for, and they are BEAUTIFUL.

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  1. Yea TEOTFW is awesome! I just finished part 2. Also freddy looks weird in a tutu. but I guess that's the point. #duh