Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dogs Forever


Making some pancakes out of old Halloween candy. YUM

It's a full moon! I think. Is that what's making me feel crazy and emotional? Maybe. Or it could be that I've been obsessing over my first dog, Sammy, who died when I was about 10. I'm working on something that is based a lot on Sammy, and how he was pretty much my first love. He kind of looked like a wolf and freaked strangers out with his ferocious bark, but we spent hours together wandering around the woods and watching tv and playing. He was the best. How could you not love this face:


Oh yeah! And Hillary Brown at Paste Magazine gave Freddy Stories a 7.9! Pretty sweet.
My favorite part of her review:

"There’s nothing magical here except for the ordinary rhythms and explorations of childhood, and that is in itself rather wonderful. Mendes can spend four pages sending Freddy to borrow some flour and poke around in her great uncle Sully’s house, including taking a sip of beer, but the panels don’t feel wasted or boring".

Thanks Hillary!

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  1. Sammy was the perfect dog....remember when he jumped over a hedge and landed in the river, to his total embarrassment? He didn't really like water too much. I love those pictures :o)