Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Lurkey

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!


Feeling thankful for some inspiring people, who I drew portraits of today....

Marc Maron and Adele. Maron is an unbelievably awesome comedian and interviewer, and Adele is way overplayed right now, but I've been listening to her albums 19 and 21 obsessively and I love them very much. Also, she's pretty and I like drawing those eyelashes.

marc maron


I had fun doing this, I think I might make it a regular thing...

I'm also thankful for
Comedy, food, Chuck Forsman, family, the cat, Woody Allen, caterpillars, this computer, comics and all my comics friends, all of my other friends, Drake's coffee cake, flannel shirts, Thanksgiving, Canada (I don't know, I just like it), sparkly things, rainy days, photos of people jumping, and the internet.

And you.

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