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Tomorrow will be the 50th strip!!!! How crazy is that. So. I know this is sort of last minute BUT. I will be taking ideas until tomorrow at 4 pm for what should happen in the 50th strip!
If I choose your idea, win the ORIGINAL strip, and a signed copy of my book!

send your ideas to:

ok here's the rest of the blog post:


I've been thinking about these strips and how they really have become a great drawing exercise for me...add watercolor skills to the things I'm learning. It also gives me the opportunity to try to draw Freddy in different ways.

Other things I'm learning:
how to be human
a lot about the band Oasis (because Chuck is obsessed with them right now)
That I love comics. Very much.
Looking back on my Tumblr, (which I've gotten really lazy about) I've noticed that I am drawn to really epic feeling small objects with vast, dramatic backgrounds. I've also noticed that I'm drawn to epic songs and epic singing voices.

Oh! And guess what, Freddy Stories is now also available at the Secret Acres store. What's that? You don't know what Secret Acres is? ONLY one of the most important small press publishers right now. Barry and Leon are very amazing, both as people and as publishers, and I'm so proud to be in their store. They have some excellent other products for purchasing, as well.

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