Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Safety First

Today's strip is inspired by my mom's blog that she keeps about her pre-school class that she teaches. Have I mentioned that my mom's a genius in the field of 4 year olds? Just looking at the pictures on her blog is a hint of how magical her classroom is. It's all about free-play and exploring, something that a lot of parents under-estimate. I've been talking to her about this lately, how important playing is, and how many parents just look for concrete results proving that their kid is progressing or getting "smarter", when actually, in preschool many kids regress a little, because who gives a crap about writing your name when you have so much imagining and inventing to do!

She told me a funny story about when I was in kindergarten, and I came home with some half-assed scribble on a piece of paper to show her (when I totally was already drawing people and stuff), but then I said "MOM. Guess WHAT. Today we played DOGS under the WATER TABLE."

I want to have kids someday. I think. It would just be so awesome to have that little new brain around that's so fascinated by everything.


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